Tell her that you’ll go to the ends of the earth for her.
Promise her your soul in its entirety.
She is the sun, and you are her world, and nothing else matters.

See her smile in every sunrise.
Play with her hair and glimpse what true bliss feels like.
You were made for her.

Close your eyes and see hers.
Listen to your heart skip a beat every time you think of her.
Life without her is nothing.

Begin a prayer and end up saying nothing but her name.
Dream of her being your everything.
This is what love is.



This world is only as magical as you make it.

"I refuse to be
Cornered into any
State of permanence.
Some days
I am sunshine
And some days
I am rain.
Doesn’t make me
Any less



This morning my mom tried to tell me that ‘girl power’ was only a fantasy that American women had and that it didn’t exist in places that weren’t first world countries… so of course I decided to educate her.

I started with one of the oldest example of female power to show that this is not some…

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